“He who does not believe in miracles is not a realist”                                                                         Ben Goerion

The above quote from the founder of the State of Israel has given shipping company R. van Urk the passion and courage to continue under all circumstances over the years and we hope this will result in purchasing this year a type of multipurpose heavy cargo vessel below.

She has many capabilities  in a combined unit that previous ships did not have and is exceptionally in this specialized market.

  • Navigation bridge on the bow so that high project cargo does not obstruct the view for safe navigation.
  • Faster service speed than competitors to guarantee customers that their products arrive earlier and in time.
  • More than enough storage (storage) capacity on deck and in the cargo hold.
  • Three cranes with high lifting capacity and wide reach for very long and heavy modules.
  • The ship and all equipment on board is completely “Made in Germany”, which is unique in maritime shipping and a guarantee of quality.