MISSION: As an international operating logistics service provider to transport (heavy and project) goods overseas. We guarantee these transports, anywhere in the world, for all kinds of customers. We also want to build a relationship with the participants who make a financial contribution to our company and, if needed, show them in practice what a wonderful industry maritime shipping is. This will have a positive effect on the entire society.

VISION: To achieve our mission, we want to:

  • To be a carrier with an international reputation.
  • Deliver the agreed transport quality and also constantly listen to the wishes of the customer.
  • Act safe ,environmentally and climate-conscious with corporate social responsibility.
  • Offering employees challenging work in a nice organization with a good mutual bond and team spirit.
  • Constantly improving and innovating where possible.
  • Be efficient and competitive.
  • Doing business with respect for God and our neighbour

Note: Despite the temporary economic headwind on the world market caused by Covid-19, the company still wants to modernize, because precisely in such a situation the world urgently needs companies that can respond to new developments with perseverance and creativity in order not to miss ¬†¬†opportunities. Therefore stay ahead of the competition (‘well ahead of the curve’).