Dear reader,

Thank you for opening our website. We hope that you will enjoy it and be properly informed about  the background of our family company. Our sailing area is worldwide. We transport all different types of heavy project cargoes (trains, yachts, windmill parts, turbines, blades, reactors, dredging and naval vessels, UN transports, containers, etc.). The long experience in consecutive  generations  as well as the combination of captain and owner  in one and the same person forms the strength and backbone  of our company. The entrepreneur is on board and at the same time in charge.

After the second Roelof was sold a newer and more modern type of vessel will be purchased (see Project). Because this vessel is significantly larger with more lifting and storage capacities, we need additional capital, in a framework setting  that is unique to maritime shipping (see Participation).

These words  have been spoken by Pompey (Roman political leader ca 54 BC) when he nevertheless set to sail with a fleet of grain ships from Sicily to Rome in stormy weather. To bring food to the overcrowded and hungry metropolis of Rome